Snow and water

Anyone who has been on a jetski or water scooter once will no doubt want to do this more often. Making sharp turns in the water, accelerating and jumping across waves provides an enormous kick and gets the adrenaline going!

Of course, when you are wizzing across the water at such a speed, you do not want to worry about technical matters. The engine is probably the most important part of the whole machine, and as this engine is under enormous strain, correct lubrication is essential. Because of the low temperature of the cooling-water (the water you are cruising on), the operating temperatures are considerably lower than is the case with air-cooled, two-stroke engines used on the road. This means that, in this case, it is very important to lubricate with special ashfree, two-stroke engine oils. This prevents carbon deposition in the engine. You will find these products at Putoline Oil. Tested in the difficult circumstances of jetskiing, our products have proven that they are the best.


A snowmobile requires special lubricants. Due to the sometimes extremely cold circumstances in which these vehicles must perform, the correct lubricant is of crucial importance; Putoline Oil has therefore introduced a special oil for snowmobiles. In addition to the additives that combat rust, deposition and wear, additives have been added that have a positive effect on liquidity and the solidification point. Putoline Oil water & snow products, The Right Oil!

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